• I print panoramic images, is there a limit to how long I can print with True Black and White™?
    There is no known limitation to how long of an image you can print. However for practical reasons the largest roll length is set to 200 inches. (16.7 feet )
  • Does True Black and White™ print color?
    True Black and White™ is a monochromatic printing system. True Black and White™ gives you the best monochrome prints. Images can be printed neutral (using only blacks and grays) or you add subtle amounts of color to create beautifully toned images.
  • Can I print 16 bit images, is True Black and White™ 16 bit?
    Yes, True Black and White™ is completely 16 bit.
  • Can I print RGB images or only grayscale image?
    True Black and White™ allows you to import either RGB or Grayscale. An RGB image is converted into grayscale at the time of printing. You can however control how the RGB data is combined (weighted together) to become grayscale. This feature is under the 'Image Adjustment' tab.
  • Are True Black and White™ profiles ICC profiles?
    True Black and White™ profiles are proprietary and only usable by True Black and White™. They are not ICC profiles. Think of a True Black and White™ profile as a recipe, this "recipe" tells the printer which ink to use when to start the ink when to end the ink how they blend together ect. You should not confuse the two. Since True Black and White™ is only used by True Black and White™, remember that True Black and White™ profiles should stay in your Profiles folder inside the True Black and White™ folder.
  • I have an old license for your IJC/OPM. Do you offer a "cross" upgrade to the your True Black and White™?
    True Black and White™ is a completely different product then IJC/OPM. The licenses are different and cannot be switched or combined.
  • I have a both a desktop and a lap top that I print from. How many computers can I run True Black and White™ on?
    The license permits a single user to install and use the Software on up to 3 machines. However, a single license does not allow multiple users to ever use Software on multiple machines, regardless of whether such use is concurrent.
  • I have 4 different printers. Do I need a license for each?
    No, one license allows you to print to all you printers.
  • What printers do you support?
    iPF5000 iPF5100 iPF6100 iPF6200 iPF8000 iPF8100 iPF9000 iPF9100
  • Is there a charge to upgrade to version 2.0?
    True Black and White™ is a free upgrade to all registered users of version 1.0.
  • If I upgrade to version 2.0 would I need a new serial number?
    True Black and White™ will use the same serial number as your version 1.0. It will automatically recognize your existing serial number.
  • Can my old profiles still work in the new version of True Black and White™?
    Yes, version 1.0 profiles will work with version 2.0. Simply move a copy of your old profiles and place them into your new True Black and White™ 2.0/Profiles folder.
  • Why don't your support the x000s series of printers?
    The s series of printers are not intended for black and white printing. They only use a black and have no grey inks. The lack of grays makes the printers not optimal for black and white.
  • Do you plan a Windows version?
  • Can I make my own profile?
    Absolutely!, that is the true power of True Black and White™. Please refer to the "How-To" Section for further information.
  • Can Bowhaus make me custom profiles?
    Yes, please email your request to software@bowhaus.com.
  • Do you offer student and Volume Licenses?
    Yes, please email your request to software@bowhaus.com.
  • Can I run True Black and White™ on a PowerPC Mac?
    Yes. Both PowerPC G4 and G5 processors are supported.
    True Black and White™ should run fine on any Mac bought in the last 3 years with a sensible amount of RAM. That means at least 512 MB for 10.4 Tiger and 1024 MB for 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard.
  • What version of Mac OS X does True Black and White™ support?
    True Black and White™ has been tested on 10.4.11, 10.5 - 10.5.8 and 10.6 - 10.6.1. Bowhaus recommends running True Black and White™ on a recent Intel Mac with OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard for the best experience.
  • How To Video Links

    How to load and print images.

    How to modify an existing profile.