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Mission Statement
The Core Values and Beliefs that our company is based on.

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The origin of our company name, and company history.

For Employees
What it means to work at BowHaus.

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Our History & Inspiration

BowHaus was founded in 1992 by Charles James and Joseph Berndt. The company's name is a play on: Bauhaus, the famous German school of art that established styles of design and architecture based on the integration of art and technology. The school functioned only from 1919 to 1933, yet its influence continues to inspire many, including us here at BowHaus.

We strive to combine state-of-the-art imaging technology with an experienced and knowledgeable staff. The Bauhaus school was composed of various workshops instructed by both a master of form and a master of craft. This system allowed for output of products that were high in artistic and functional value. We believe that we can do the same here at BowHaus AND simultaneously provide superior customer service.

Our customers are professional photographers, graphic designers, corporations and ad agencies. Some clients are in-house art departments, while others are freelance designers who work for studios or other entertainment companies.

Currently, our services and products include digital scanning, retouching, printing and developing software for fine art printmaking. Our R&D is focused on creating unique and powerful solutions for the emerging needs of the rapid-growth digital photography market.

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